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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Air, Soil, Liquid, and Gas

Omega's Environmental products include Water Quality Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers. Air...
11 Products
Chlorine Analyzers
If you need chlorine analyzers, Omega has several types to choose from and we have them at the lowest prices possible.
Water Testing Kits
Omega's Water Testing Kits monitor water quality in any commerical, residential, or industrial application. Rain and snow gauges are available for accurate measurement for Meteroligists
Water Quality Sensors
Omega offerscombination and differential probes for accurate measurement of pH, conductivity, ORP, and disolved oxygen. Submersible sensors for use in drums, open tanks and streams are available.
Viscosity Meters
Omega's needle indicating rotational viscometers have a measurement range of 10 to 2,000,000 CPS and are available in analog or digital models and come with or without a backlit LCD display
Water Quality Meters
Omega's Water Quality Meters for pH, conductivity, ORP, DO, and TDS include, pocket testers, handheld, and benchtop models. Availavle with data logging capability and some are multi-variable meters.
Water Quality Transmitters
Omga's Water Quality Transmitters are multi-variable loop powered transmitters that can be configured for use with pH, ORP, Conductivity, or Flow sensors and can be wall, pipe, or pannel mounted
Temperature and Humidity Transmitters
Omega offers a large selection of Temperature and Humidity transmitters that provide remote and on-site monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.
Water Quality Controllers
Omega's Water Quality Controllers can be wall or panel mounted and are multi-variable controllers that can be used to control either pH/ORP, Contacting or Toroidal Conductivity, Resistivity, or TDS
Gas Analyzers
Omega's Handheld Gas Analyzers are ideal for monitoring VOC levels in petrochemical plants, power plants, mining facilities and restaurants. Models available to measure CH4, CO, O2, and H2S
Calibration Solutions
Calibration buffer solutions and deionized water are pre-mixed and color-coded to prevent errors. Ideal for calibrating electrodes and pH meters and are accurate to within ±0.01 pH at 25°C (77°F).
Air and Gas Transmitters
Omega's Air and Gas Transmitters are Environmental Transmitters used for environmental control of indoor rooms and for monitoring levels of carbon monoxide in industrial facilities.
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