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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.


Omega provides all the accessories needed to ensure your products are correctly installed and o...
11 Products
Mounting Brackets
Omega offers DIN Instrument Mounting Brackets, Load Cell Mounting Plates, Level Track and Modular Mounting Systems suitable for a myriad of commercial and Industrial applications.
Pressure Snubbers
Industrial-grade pressure snubbers and metric adapters and fittings. Available in three standard grades of porosity with a large filter surface, that doesn't clog like orifice-type snubber.
Power Supplies
Power supplies for stepper drives, sensors, transducers, strain gages, and general purpose use. Linear regulated and switching supplies, adjustable voltages and fixed voltages.
Pipe and Tube Fittings
Choose from a wide range of durable couplings, adaptors, bushings, and fittings made up of different materials to facilitate a secure connection for pipes and tubes.
At Omega, we stand on the belief that the right tool makes your job easier, quicker, and safer. Shop our selection of tools and discover the difference quality makes.
Omega has calibration pumps, drum pumps, metering pumps, and peristaltic pumps at prices that can't be beat. All our pumps are commercial- or industrial-grade
Tube by Length
Browse our range of tubings made of different materials and available in any size, color, and length.
Adhesives and Paste
These adhesives and pastes offers solutions for different applications. Selections includes thermally conductive pastes, epoxy strain gauge adhesives and high temperature cement.
Omega carries air to air thermoelectric coolers for assemblies powered by 60-watt to 200-watt sources. Our thermoelectric coolers are compact in design and feature durable solid-state construction. Th...
Choose from a variety of protection accessories including electrical enclosures, test plugs, thermowells, protection tubes, industrial protection heads, and wire sleeves.
Electrical Components
Electrical components contain the accessories you need to work with your Omega sensors and devices. These include things like terminal blocks, connectors, switches, transformers, and others.
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