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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Control & Monitoring

Omega has a large selection of control and monitoring devices to chose from. Omega devices can...
9 Products
Omega is well known for it's high quality, reliable, and accurate meters. We offer process meters, rate meters, timers, strain and temperature meters and much more!
Omega offers PID controllers, level controllers, thermostats, pressure regulators, and much more. All our products are industrial-grade and made to deliver dependable performance for years to come.
Air, Soil, Liquid, and Gas
Omega's Environmental products include Water Quality Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers. Air Quality devices include indoor air quality Transmitters and Industrial Carbon Monoxide Transmitters.
Process Switches
A large selection of process switches at great prices. We have everything from flow switches and pressure switches to push buttons, temperature switches, and more.
Omega offers a broad range of relays including universal remote modules, 24-channel relay output boards, including high-reliability relays, relays for intrinsic safety, panel mount models, and more.
Motion and Position
Omega has all your motion control products in one place. We have motors, actuators, motor controls, pneumatic components, proximity sensors, rotary displacement encoders and more.
Omega carries alarm, sound modules, and dialers for a variety of applications including configurable alarms, temperature alarms, signaling alarms, alarm modules, and alarms for harsh environments.
Omega offers valves in many styles, and configurations and are used in almost any industrial, municipal, lab, OEM, or process control application. Let Omega help you select the proper valve.
Option Boards
Shop for Option Boards at Omega and enjoy the best selection and prices. At Omega, we deliver the reliable hardware you need.
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