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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Handheld Meters

Omega carries a wide variety of handheld meters including anemometers, temperature and humidity...
13 Products
Light Meters
These Handheld Light meters are compact for keeping on hand in the field. Models are available with a Thermocouple input for temperature measurement. Units with Data Logging are available
At Omega, we carry an extensive line of multimeters for every purpose. We have waterproof models, insulation testers, temperature transducers and thermometers, hand-held digital multimeters, and more.
Manometers in gauge, absolute, and differential pressures with several unit options including millitorr, inches of water, mmHg Pa, kPa, mmH2O, psi and more. Accuracies up to 0.025% full scale.
Vibration Meters
Handheld vibration meters to detect when a machine is off-balance, misaligned, has worn bearings or loose fittings so that issues can be detected and corrected before damge occurs.
Decibel Meters
Get accurate measurements of sound levels in an industrial setup or any general-purpose environment with our decibel meters. All Omega Handheld Decible Meters come with data logging capability.
Digital, portable hardness testers in various styles with RS232 output options.
Gas Analyzers
Omega's Handheld Gas Analyzers are ideal for monitoring VOC levels in petrochemical plants, power plants, mining facilities and restaurants. Models available to measure CH4, CO, O2, and H2S
Gas Leak Detectors
Omega's refrigerant leakage detectors perfect for maintaining air-conditioning systems with compressors and refrigerants. These units are extermely sensitive to a variety of general refrigerants.
Omega has a range of different anemometers available, including in-line and hand-held models. We design our products to deliver the very highest quality at the lowest prices.
Clamp Meters
Omega Clamp Meters provide True RMS Current and Voltage measurements and also include additional measurements typically found in Multimeters such as AC/DC voltage, current, resistance and others.
Gauss Meters
Omega's gauss meters feature the latest designs and technology in magnetic measuring equipment. We have a number of gauss meters to choose from including triple axis datalogging meters and testers.
Temperature and Humidity and Dew Point Meters
Omega offers a wide selection of multi-variable handheld temperature, humidity, dew point, and moisture meters. For data analysis choose a meter with data logging capability.
Speed sensors for both indoor and outdoor environments with optinos featuring kits for motos, geartooth pickup, tachometers, and stroboscopes.
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