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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Industrial Heaters

Omega's is a leading supplier for industrial heaters. Our industrial heater selection includes ...
9 Products
Circulation Heaters
Omega's high quality circulation heaters are designed to heat moving or flowing liquids. Our selection includes many different sizes and materials to accommodate numerous applications.
Radiant Heaters
These radiant heaters are designed to provide heating solutions that don't require direct contact from the heating source. Omega's offering is diverse to fulfill the needs required by many application...
Heating Wire and Cables
High quality nickel/chromium heating wire can be used to make straight or helical resistance heaters. They heat up fast, are corrosion resistant and come in a range of maximum operating temperatures.
Strip Heaters
Omega's strip heaters selection features a large assortment of mica stripped heaters, ceramic insulated finned strip heaters, seamless stainless steel strip heaters and much more.
Surface Heaters
These surface heaters are designed to provide surface heating in a variety of forms that can be dependent on the application such as drum heaters for tank heating or band heaters for pipe heating.
Hookup Wires
Omega’s hookup wire connects your electronics and appliances for your general use, military, medical device or UL needs. We offer choices in length, voltage, gauge and many other features.
Cartridge Heaters
Omega offers cartridge heaters in different sheath material, insulation, resistance wire materials, lengths and diameters. Omega's cartridge heaters are designed to cover a wide array of applications.
Immersion Heaters
Omega's Immersion heaters are devices installed in tanks or containers with tubular or flat element designs with different mounting methods.
Duct and Enclosures Heaters
These heaters are designed to be used in ductwork, for freeze protection, for condensation control and more. Many insulation types available such as stainless steel, incoloy, silicone rubber and more.
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